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Default Re: Paradigm Reference Studio 100v4, CC-690, Studio ADP 570 & Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Re

Originally Posted by rolexdaytona View Post
The dealer close to me is a "mega store" and their service SUCKS! all the sales people care about is their commission. I had one guy tell me had he known I wasn't ready to buy right then and there he wouldn't had spent so much time with me!WTF Customer service and fair prices are also part of auditioning hi-end systems. IMHO
I'd be sure to tell him since he wasn't interested in anything but money that he sure wouldn't be seeing any of yours!!

A local high end dealer is like that here, they aren't interested in talking to you unless you are ready to buy from them right now.
They will never get any of my $$$$.
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