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Default Re: CES 2008 Audio Update

OK Lotus, you are running a Runco SC-1 and Symbols?? I would have thought you'd go the distance and do Diamonds for fronts at least!

I saw these on static display @ CES, they are really cool looking speakers. I wonder how easily the bottom mounted speaker terminals work for the various wires on the market today. It kind of irks me that I could buy a speaker and have to buy new wire as well!

I was thinking about this post today while running errands and I realized I forgot some highlights.

Proclaim Audio works had their speakers on display, I had seen these in NYC at The Home Entertainment show, but regrettably didn't get to hear them, these are some of the coolest looking speakers made and were featured in a MHT lifestyle section recently.

I finally got to hear them and they sounded great! The use of separate spheres for each driver allows for almost no points for the sound to bounce off of and make for very clean sound, add to this how cool their center channel is (think Hooters ads) and the diversity of color options and tweak-ability allow these speakers to do thinks no other speaker can!

Wisdom Audio was demoing their speakers, which come in in wall, on wall, and free standing versions. They had some trouble @ CEDIA but really brought it @ CES this year. They were for one in a real room not the box they had built for CEDIA and had reworked the bass management system making for some startlingly good sound.
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