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Default Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs

Hey guys,

You have a lot of misinformation here. First off, I dont know what you guys are looking at, but I haven't seen an implemetation of 120Hz that doesn't completely screw up the picture. It makes motion pans look like cartoons, and in some cases introduces some serious artifacts into the picture. The Pioneer 72Hz function has been Broken since its inception. Try looking at the opening sequence of "Star Trek: Insurrection, 480i of course, with the 72Hz on on the Pioneer and watch the Buildings shake like a California Earth Quake.

As for the Pioneers and their differences wrong again. The PDPs color decoding is terrible and pushes red like crazy. TThe Elite's decoding is dead on accurate. And on the PDPs the primary and secondary colors are not even close to the Pioneer Elite's accuracy in Pure mode. This of course is done on purpose to differentiate their product lines.

Finally, if you want the best performance from anything you should have it Professionally Calibrated by an expert with good credentials and top notch test gear.
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