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Originally Posted by Shamboola View Post
Dear AV Members,

I have an opportunity to get an Aragon 2005 amp. It was made in 2002, has five channels at 200 watts each, and is roughly the size of a Volkswagon.

Does anyone know about these amps, good or bad? It has been used as a demo in a controlled room. I realize that the brand is no longer made and that makes me a bit nervous for future repairs.

So, what do you think?


Actually I believe the brand is still in existence. It's called Klipsch Aragon now.

I consider Paul Rosenberg (ex-Co Founder of Aragon) as one of the best people in the business....

their amps were some of the best you could buy for the money.

So if you do have issues (not likely they were also reknowned tanks) you can always contact Klipsch (who bought Aragon).
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