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Default Re: Blockbuster To Push Blu-ray Starting This July

I finally broke down and got an HD-A2 with the current promotion from Toshiba making it an affordable $300. But I did so not only because of the price but because after reading a LOT of articles on the format war it seemed that in every aspect (other than generic capacity) it was the more mature format.

Having said that, I knew in buying it that I was taking a risk. With PS3 in the mix, HD-DVD would never have a clear victory like VHS did over Betamax. My hope though, is that the two can exist peacefully in the same marketplace. The camps on both sides seem to have almost a religious following and it's unlikely either will go down quietly. In the gaming industry most titles are released on the three major formats and everyone seems to have accepted that. Why does this have to be any different?

In the end, only the consumers lose no matter what side you go with.
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