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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Originally Posted by lcflyer View Post
Steve. I am a distributor for consumer electronics. Our best selling Blu-Ray's are Sony BDPS300 a nd the BDPS500. The 500 has 1.3 HDMI and Dolby True HD and DTS-HD where the 300 version does not. If you want to go high end, I suggest the Pioneer BDP95FD.

Best selling doesn't mean best product in picture, sound, and reliability. With the exception of the PS3 I haven't heard to many good things about any of the Sony Blu-Ray players. From what I've been hearing they have been very problematic and won't play many of the titles available.

But what do I know. I don't even own an HD player yet. I'm also in the market but am waiting to see what CES introduces.
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