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Default Re: My $650k house is now going to be an $850k home

I too built a custom home in DFW, TX about a year ago, and what Ken said early on in the thread about expecting higher costs and longer build times is very true. The builders schedule ends up being controlled by when/if his subs get around to doing what they are supposed to do. My 3-4 month home build ended up taking nearly a year.

With as much money as you are putting into your theater, you really should consider Halcro. I have the SSP-200 and I'm using two McIntosh MC207 amps - everything is bi-amped.

I am not a big fan of Martin Logan though - every time I listened to them they beamed, but it has been a while since I listened. I have not heard any of the new stuff yet.

Good luck with the building process - it wore me out. I think was about ready to strangle the builder by the time it was finally finished.
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