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Default Re: Fujitsu to Cease Making HDTVs by End of March 2008

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
When you think about it Pioneer is the ONLY company pushing the plasma envelope anymore.
I disagree. Pioneer is definitely the leader in plasma technology but Panasonic is pushing plasma at least as much as Pioneer. The "Magical Disney Blu-ray Tour" was co-sponsored by Panasonic to promote plasma technology.

There is a push by the remaining plasma manufacturers to educate the customer of the benefits of plasma, and the Kuro campaign is very good. With Project Kuro's 9mm set coming up in a couple years, plasma just may stick around for a while. Of course if LCD can do the same thing (Hitachi is down to 1.5" on LCD), we'll just have to wait and see.

It would be a shame for the best display technology available right now to go away, but such is life.

PS. My Fujitsu rep said they essentially closed up shop on Dec. 27
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