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Default Re: Anthem D2 or Arcam AV9?

I cannot say enough good things about my AVM20 and I look forward to upgrading it directly (through their great upgrade roll outs of both firmware and hardware when needed) or else trading up to an AVM 50 or D2.

The Anthems pretty much win every price/performance review/award that they are considered for from what I have seen and based on my own experiences with the AVM20 I have no reason to doubt it.



PS. Couple items of note on the Anthems. For HD-DVD and Blu-Ray you can take the analogue True-HD signal and still process it to all 7.1 speakers. IE. Apply a form of Prologic IIx to not only the Dolby Digital signal, but also to the 5.1 analogue inputs which I have not seen elsewhere. Realizing that many would feel that processing the analogue signal would defeat the purpose of using analogue, I just have to say that it would take much more discerning ears than mine (and many reviewers) to notice any degradation in the resulting audio delivered.

It's just nice to be able to get TrueHD and 7.1 now.

Source selectable bass and treble adjustments also help with things like the lower bass on many HD-DVD's/outputs so I can tweak it up by the 7-10db needed without effecting any other inputs or requiring master control setting and removal each time I select a source.

I am sure these things are available on other processors, but they have stood out as convenient for me in the last year.
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