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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

I work for a high-end custom integrator in Southern California. Two years ago we looked at both formats and saw that Blu-ray was more strongly supported by the industry, especially in custom channels (Toshiba isn't a custom-friendly company) but because of the impending war we decided to aim our customers to DVD and tell them to wait it out. But then they kept asking for Blu-ray by name, so we had to oblige. I'm talking about specific consumers, we didn't just give it to everyone, just those who asked but it was a significant amount. The only clients who asked for HD DVD asked for the dual-format players.

We haven't had any problems with Blu-ray connectivity. We've used Samsung, Sony and Pioneer Elite players. I don't know where this came from. As a custom integrator, these issues are right on the top of our priorities in choosing product, we don't' want to be servicing systems every week as you can imagine. When a product isn't reliable we don't sell it regardless of client requests, we tell them to buy it from someone else and we'll install it but we're not responsible for it. The only issues we've had with Blu-ray is the slow load times. We have to update the firmware on them and keep them current so the new titles can play. That's a pain. Connection problems? Never heard of them until now.

In fact, with the news of Warner's decision and how well the Sony players have been working for us, one of our salesmen has said he is only going to sell Blu-ray unless the client only wants DVD. At this point, companies that rely on client satisfaction and a long-standing relationship, it would be foolish to sell an HD DVD player.
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