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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

I am also looking for a good blue ray player. I am looking in the $500 range. I had a Samsung BD-UP5000 combo player on order until I heard the announcements at CES. I have since canceled the order. I have a large DVD collection so I am looking for a player that has good upscaling.
I currrently have a Toshiba HDTV that is a few years old. It has a DVI connection, not an HDMI. I was wondering if anyone knew if there is an adapter cable that will split the audio and video so that I can use the HDMI out on a player and split to a DVI video connector and analog audio connector on my TV.
I currently use the component video out and analog video out on my DVD player and run those to the TV and run the digital audio out from the DVD player to my receiver.
When I buy a Blue ray player I would like to use the upscaling feature on my DVD's( I have a large collectrion), but I understand that the Blu-ray players will not upconvert through the component output.
I would appreciate any input. If anyone knows of a good Blu-rau player in the $500 range that has good upconversion I would appreciate it.
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