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Default Re: McIntosh Turntable

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Is obviously an opinion, and should be taken as such. Yes, TO ME ALL McIntosh gear IS UGLY!!! .......
Needless to say, with a nickname like mine, I cannot agree with your statement.

To the contrary, I find most of their gear beautiful and classy, especially their Power Amps line of equipment which made them famous in the early fifties and ever since...

I owned about 50 different brands of audio gear since 1969. I had my first set of Mc Intosh MC 60 (Tube Power Maps) for years and unfortunately I had to sell them because they were to dangerous for the small fingers of my young kids (heat wise). Ever since that time I was trying to find the Mc Intosh Tube sound in other brands and I couldn't quite find it. In 2003, I bought a Mc 2102 Tube Power Amp and to listen to Stereo music there's nothing like it. For Multi-channels I have another system (Yamaha) that does the job very well.

I do respect your opinion and I just want to express another opinion. To add to what @leo74 expressed in this topic I would say irregardless how many other brands exists out there for Mc Intosh lovers there's no other brand that can appeal to us like Mc Intosh famous "blue eyes".

If I may push the comparaison to another level ... some men (and I'm one of them) have a natural attraction for women that are not according to today's standard because they are a little chubbier than models published in fashion magazines. To me, women of the 50's and 60's like Marilyn Monroe had that special something that is not today's standards alike Mc Intosh design is.

Thanks for reading me.

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