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Thumbs up Re: Audiophile APS 1050 Power Conditioner - More Than A Power Strip In A Box?

Originally Posted by DMD123 View Post
I received my contest winning PurePower APS 1050 and WOW it is a beast! The weight of the unit is unreal. It came double boxed with very nice reinforced corners.

One aspect I have not seen in most reviews is in regard to the face of the unit. It appears to be designed in a way that if you were to rack mount it you can undo some small screws on the top and then the face hinges down for easy access for battery replacement. This is very cool. The hook up and instructions were easy to follow.

I have had it hooked up for just a few days now so I have not had the chance to test all the things plugged into it. But one thing I noticed almost immediately was clarity in standard definition TV signals. I have complained on repeated occasions to my cable company about the problem and got all the excuses: you have a HD TV so Blah, Blah, Blah…
The fact I noticed an improvement here first was a good sign of things to come.

I had an opportunity to listen to just one CD (The Very Best of Diana Krall) and was surprised to find the sound seemed to be more vibrant, there was just a little something extra I was hearing (or not hearing), that made it seem to POP!

I still need some more test time but my initial impressions are that the APS 1050 has made a significant improvement in my system.

I would like to thank Audio Video Revolution and PurePower for this generous prize, and an opportunity to own a very fine piece of equipment that I would never have been able to experience on my own.
That is really great. Congratulations and continue to enjoy the forum.
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