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Default Newbie here. ? about motion blur

Hello all. I've recently acquired my own place and now have the ability to dive into the great world of A/V. Now, I'm still rather green and have a long ways to go, but I've been lurking on the site for about a month or two now. Since my first major purchase will be a HDTV, that's where my main focus has lied. I've been trying to decide on the age old dilemma of LCD or PDP. For a while now, I've been deadset on the Sammy LNT-4681 thinking that, considering my viewing enviroment, that a LCD best fit my needs. But after recently spending a couple hours in my local BB, I'm now strongly considering a Panny or a Kuro/Kuro Elite. The model BB had on hand was the Sammy 71 series, and I was quite disappointed with the amount of motion blur this set had. I've seen the reviews on the 81 series, but I'm still concerned that even with the LED Motion Plus, I would still find the amount of motion blur unacceptable. Looking at the Panny and the Pioneer, I wasn't able to detect any motion blur. Do you guys have any thoughts and/or suggestions?

Sorry for drawing it out and thank you for your time.
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