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Originally Posted by Shamboola View Post

Thanks so much for the info. It sure looks solid and quite huge. I am wondering where to put it if I do buy it but I have a feeling that it will make my speakers sing. A few years ago I hooked them up to a Classe and the sound was amazing. I just cannot justify the price for a Classe but this used Aragon might fit the bill.

From what I remember of Aragon, they were solid, built well, with a very controlled type sound. Its been a while though, and I`m not familar with the later models either. But, if budget is a consideration, (most of us are not like my man kennyt!! lol), Adcom I would consider.

Very well built, reliable, plenty of power per dollar, a good value, and sounds really good with a lot of different gear. I sold Adcom in my Harvey electronic days. So, I have personal experience with them.
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