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Smile Re: McIntosh Turntable


I`m a big Mcintosh fan. Along with Andrew Robinson of this forum. I have always loved the look of Mcintosh gear. ESPECIALLY, the big blue VU meters. Just turn off all your lights, listen, stare and enjoy. The gold, maybe get your name imprinted on the amps themselves, just the best. And yes, the reliabilty is huge.

I know there are some that believe tweaking and repairs come along with high end, or esoteric gear, but I do not. In fact, at that level, the standard or bar in my opinion, should be at a much higher level. I plan to take the 2 hour tour in Binghamton. They have them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They go thru everything from the knobs, to the faceplates!!

Now leo74, when I first saw the Mcintosh turntable, I did think it was a little weird myself. You must admit, to have that plate across the front. Now, once I saw the rest of the rack, it looked better. But, if someone buys that turntable to put with other gear, I don`t know. People usually do not buy all the same manufacturer. And kennyt, is one of the coolest guys on this forum. Its okay!!
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