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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

Originally Posted by merv46 View Post
Ummm, a little concerned about the connectivity statement, what is wrong with the HDMI? I have a Panny 10A, PS3 and a Tosh A1. All connect fine to my KDL 46 xbr4 flat pannel as well as to my JVC RS1! No hand shake problems with any of them. I think that statement is a little slanted or out of frustration maybe. As far as bd java how many really care? How many HDDVD owners actually access this stuff? I have once to see how it works, no big deal to me. I think it is sad to see one side eventually lose, but in the end with only one format, won't we all be better off?
I have seen others with the connectivity problems in blu-ray (can't talk like this on the forum - I love you guys). BD Java makes a BD load slower, I'm glad I went the PC route now because I just upgraded my processor and wow - it takes no time to load now. I'm now Maxing out my ram (for xp pro) and see what type of further benifits I get. The HD-DVD extras work great - you can go straight to the movie, smooth menu access ect. it was very nice - especially for demoing. Jerry is also right aobut including a HDMI cable - if you're going to flaunt it - give it to them. I don't agree with concessions (trade in programs and the like).
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