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Default Re: Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

Well, I'm been using Harmony remotes for the past few years. While they work great, this only seams to be the case while the warranty is in effect. Each remote that I have had, from the 680 to the 880, has been replaced numerous times. The devices just don't stand up to the test of time (or a 6 year old son). My current 880 just went belly up. The display works, it acts like its sending out codes, but none of my gear responds. I've had to go back to the original remotes until I can get this one replaced at another $250.

With all of that said, I recently contacted a Crestron/AMX dealer/installer recommended by Jerry Del Colliano. I was informed that no one makes a ruggedized remote cabable of withstanding the torments of a 6 year old, and with the price of a Crestron or AMX system being what it is, I could buy 40 Harmonys for the price of 1 Crestron.

Guess I'll be heading back to Best Buy.
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