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Default Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

Where are you guts finding these? I'm a poor college student that got into AV to early (got hired on somewhere at 16 and started a very expensive hobby at a time in my life when I was living at home for free )

I am comparing the Denon DN-A7100 to this. I know feature set wise the integra takes the cake. However I think I found a used denon for 5** dollars, which is also a huge factor. Trying to jimmy rig component to hdmi upconversion with an external piece of hardware sucks. I here the crystalizer sounds great, but it only does 5.1pcm (I only have 5.1, not sure if I should really care) but then again only two hdmi inputs. The integra seems to fill a lot of gaps, but doesn't seem like it would look great in my AV rack (while the denon is plain at least it doesn't draw attention to itself by looking somewhat ugly).

Sorry for this being my first post on the forums. Was reading around and ya'll seem like a friendly bunch! Much nicer than some of the other av forums I have found.
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