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Exclamation Re: The Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD

Wow, How do I enter to win the Matrix HD DVD set? I just purchased a Toshiba Qosmio with the HD DVD R drive & I need a good movie to test out the player!

Still wondering why I got the HD DVD Recordable drive though, I have yet to see any blank disks up here in Western Canada.

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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I got five of these disc sets waiting for one of you to win but had to order one for myself from Amazon yesterday. I hope it plays in my XA1 Toshiba player. King Kong wouldn't.

I ordered up every good title I could think of when I realized that I needed more demo material after my Soprano's dinner. Apollo 13 is just too grainy and its embarassing to play XXX (the movie not the porn) as a demo. Vin Diesel is just that bad but the movie looks good in BR.

My wife gets BR and HD DVD discs from Netflix and that keeps us with movies to watch but I need some of the better titles on tap for when people come over.
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