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I agree with you on the SSP-100 having HDMI problems. I originally was sending back mine for that issue. I was at the point that HDMI was only working on one input. It was just coincidence that the SSP-200 upgrade was also available. The problem of slow lock on changing sources is something that I have also noticed on both the SSP-100 & SSP-200. I have tried using multiple types of HDMI cables as you have suggested, and still have the slow changing of sources problem.

Please let me know what brand of HDMI cable you have used to get better response time for locking onto the signal when changing the source.

On the SSP-100, I was able to duplicate HDMI fall-out it -- it was due to power outages. Every time we have a power outage, the SSP-100 would lose HDMI whether the unit was powered-up and running or not. I would have to flip the main power switch on the back to get HDMI working again. For a long time, I thought it was my projector having trouble. . .

I am still struggling with MPCM. Please let me know if you have any problems trying to make it work, or have any hints to get it working consistently.

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