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Originally Posted by Z Man View Post
Yeah you're right, trying to find a pre/pro that has 6 HDMI 1.3 inputs is kind of tough right now. Do you know of any pre/pro's in the $7k-$8K range that will be offering all the goodies that the Denon will? I know that Theta had talked about releasing a $7k pre/pro called Valis a year or so ago, but I have not heard anything on it anymore.
Sorry about the late response, but unfortunately no. At this time right now, high end pre-pros are quite a bit behind our receiver brethren. The one that does come to mind, is the Integra 9.8 pre/pro, which is flying off the shelves. It does not have six, but given its feature set and price, it is hard to match, and all reviews have been extremely positive. Your going to have to go out, and by a unit that will switch HDMI sources, unless you are willing to wait.
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