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Smile Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
I'm in the process of purchasing a 42 to 52 inch HD TV. The short comings I have observed in the LCD and some plasma's is the artifact crawl during sports events.

Formula 1, WCR and Hockey are sports I enjoy but not the fuzzies I see when the hockey players skate up center ice or play along the boards thru the protective glass.

What is on the horizon that will satisfy me?

Unfortunately, what ever I buy I have to live with until it dies. So I have to be selective.

Have you considered a projector? You can get amazing results with a DLP projector and a screen size of your choice and sports look great on a 100" diagonal screen! You could have a pull down or electronic remote controlled screen that you could hide and buy a small inexpensive TV for your regular every day quick viewing stuff. Some of the better projectors are coming down in price so fast that it's dizzying! Under $3500 for a 1080P and a nice 32" Sansung (32H42) LCD will only set you back now under $699. A good screen could be purchased for around $1k. So for about $5K you get can get installation, set-up, cables and you're in business.
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