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Default Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs

Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
Hi, there, just joined your forum, longtime mag reader and fan.... do a lot of reading and occasional post over at AVS. Anyway, I am going to purchase either the non-Elite or Elite 50" Kuro after Christmas/first part of January and move my 4th generation Pioneer plasma into the bedroom. My question for those of you who may know is this: I have a large collection of SD DVDs. I have been waiting out this war, and when I get into it, many of my DVDs may not be issued on HD/BD, or I may not choose to spend the additional money to replace some of them. I am looking at possibly the Oppo 981 to go with the Kuro, and move my Denon 2910 into the bedroom along with a Denon receiver with HDMI (hoping the "handshake" works so I can use the video switching along with my DTV receiver). Now the question "smiles", sorry for all the pre-explanation: Is the scaler and de-interlacer in the Kuro better than most of what is available in a good DVD player, or not? The reviews for the Oppo rave about the pic scaled to 1080P. It uses the DCDI chipset I believe. Or........ is the scaler and de-interlacer in the Kuro so good that I would be better off to send it a 480i signal and let the Pioneer do it's thing. I realize this is somewhat subjective and dependant on the DVD player being used; just seeking opinions from those of you that have this plasma or have seen it, as well as knowing something about the internals. Thanks!!!

PS: one other caveat I forgot to mention, the Kuros I believe have a "1 to 1" pixel match option. Curious if a better picture is obtained sending the plasma a 1080p signal and setting the Pioneer to "1 to 1". I realize the Oppo 1080p is an upscaled 480i, but curious just the same. Also Oppo is coming out with a new model, the 983, that uses Anchor Bay technology for de-interlacing and scaling ..... may be my solution until a winner emerges.
I've heard that the Faroudja is getting a little old (I asked for a comparison between the DCDi and the Reon HQV). From Clint DeBoer at audioholics:

Reon has better motion adaptive noise reduction in most systems I've tested. It also handles unflagged content better than the current batch of FLI chips form Faroudja. With that said, both are very good if implemented correctly.

The problem with Faroudja is that it is OLD. I keep checking to see if they've come out with new HD-based technology and they seem to keep falling behind. The current FLI chips were made to handle SD source material and are being handily passed up by the new Gennum VXP and HQV systems that are really tweaked for HD.
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