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Default Re: WB goes Blu-Ray exclusive! What does this mean for the war?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Once again, Sony wins.
I'm not sure where that comes from, "again"?
They lost Beta to VHS, they lost Walkman to iPod, lost the handhelds (PSP) to Nintendo (DS) & just recently they lost SXRD rear projection to LCD.
Just what all did they win?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Not necessarily on their merits but because of their deep pockets.
Well first off there are just as many stories saying that was not true as those that say it is but you can thank Toshiba for that if it is true, they laid the ground work with their buying off of Paramount & Dreamworks.
I guess that kinda came back & bit them in the ass didn't it!

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Blu-ray may be the better format on paper and I hope now with this "war" seemingly drawing to a close everyone will now focus on making better players and extracting all that they can from the format. Or, can I only look forward to longer load times, constant firmware updates and inflated prices (now that there is no competition). I truly hope not. I hope Sony and Co. take this opportunity to show us all why Blu-ray should be the winner because up until now it was the format that made a lot of promises but somewhat under-delivered. I guess, just like the last couple of months surrounding this "war", we'll just have to wait and see...
Most of what you are talking about is something we just have to deal with on new tech, as it matures problems decrease.
However with the PS3 I haven't had any of those problems (longer load times, constant firmware updates and inflated prices).
My load times are no different than my DVD players & I don't see firmware updates as a problem, I like firmware updates, my PS3 is now profile 1.1 & will be upgradeable to profile 2.0 & it didn't cost me anything.

Now I use mine for games also & it is always connected to the internet so when there is an update I know it right away so i have never had a problem with a movie not playing.
From what i have heard Kennyt say the updates are on the movie discs also making it easy to upgrade without the internet.

Personally I will not buy a standalone player unless it has an Ethernet port for the profile 2.0 stuff & most importantly firmware upgrades.

As for inflated prices, I gave $600 for my PS3 at launch, Sony lost money on the deal, so how is that an inflated price?
Also when is the last time tech got more expensive as it matured?
Sure the price goes up on high end gear & gear with new tech built in but basic players will come down in price.

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