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Default New System, need suggestions!!!!!!!

Currently have....

Samsung 6167 DLP 61" 720p
Denon 3805 Amp
Samsung BDP1400 Bluray
Mirage M3si fronts
Klipsch Center
Polk surrounds
JBL backs
Line conditioner

Need help with the TV upgrade and Amp upgrade

Love the Denon 3805!!!! Need HDMI though
Love the Samsung 61" but want 1080p and maybe even 120hz option

Considering the 2308, 2808, 3808 Denons

Not too sure about the Yamahas or Onkyos in the similar ranges....

Saw a sony 60" DLP SONKDS60A300 that had the 120hz option and the picture looked great.

Anybody know much about the 73" Mitsubishi DLP???

Just need some input on the amp choice and the TV choice 60"+ LCD or DLP

Thanks guys!
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