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Default Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Dear Fellow AV Rev members,

I am getting ready to get a Blu-ray player (I already have an HD-DVD player with my Xbox) and have a few questions:

My receiver is an NAD T-761. It does not have any HDMI connectivity but does have 5.1 inputs. I like the sound of my receiver and would rather wait until the manufactures can provide all of the internal decoding capability that Blu-ray offers.

That being said, what players are out there that have the most up to date decoding for Blu-ray such that it does not require a processor from a receiver/pre-amp? I want to be able to hear all of the DTS formats that Blu-ray can offer, including DTS Master. I understand that not all of the current films on Blu-ray even offer these formats, but I assume it will become more and more the norm.

And, if it does offer the internal decoding, will it play through my analog 5.1 inputs or only with HDMI?

My monitor is old (Pioneer Elite CRT) but gets me 1080i and I can use an adapter to use HDMI for the picture.

Finally, can I find one of these for under $700.00 if it fits my requirements?

Thanks for your help.

Rob Harrison
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