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Originally Posted by MeanGene View Post
Here is my modest system.

MeanGene's Home Theater

ESS Speakers (4)
Phase Technology Teatro (Center)
15" Avalanche driven sub woofers (2)
Philips 34" HDTV
Motorola MOXI DVR Cable box
Sony 301 CD/DVD Player
Outlaw 950 Preamp/Processor
Velodyne SMS1 digital parametric equalizer
AudioSource Amp One/A (Butt Kicker)
OutLaw M200 (Center Channel)
Samson SX-2800 Amp (Sub Woofer)
ATI AT3005 300w per channel Amp
Panamax 4300
Panamax Max 5300
Outlaw Audio PSC cables (Pure Silver Coax)
Theater Master MX 800 Remote
Glad to see someone else using vintage speakers in Home Theater around here! I've never had the chance to hear the Heil tweeters but I've been told that they are sweet! Even better than the Infinity Emits! I can just imagine what your system sounds like! Excellent job!
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