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Default Re: HDMI 1.3, Connectivity Issues?

While a lot of the main points are still valid (I am not aware of any end to end source, including the original image captures to display chain of equipment that fully supports HDMI 1.3 yet) and I think you are wasting money at the moment if you spend more on any one component in order to get it the article is over a year old.

Comments about almost no HDTV's having 1080p inputs for example are so last year and I think that now most if not a heck of a lot of the TV's advertized as 1080p actually have 1080p inputs.

That said you would be hard pressed to find a reviewer or expert that will go on record as saying that a good 1080i signal fed to a 1080p TV will look any different than a good 1080p signal to the same TV from the same source as long as the source for both is 1080p. Such as HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.

IE. A 1080i output taken from a 1080p source contains all the same information as the 1080p signal and as long as your 1080p HDTV can deinterlace it properly you would be hard pressed to notice the difference.

This is part of whats funny. A lot of the hype around HDMI 1.3 was from Sony and BR marketing to hype the perceived PS3's HDMI 1.3 advantage over the Toshiba HD-DVD players.

In my oppinions there isnt any real world advantage at this point and won't be for the next year or two when we start to see HDTV and even more importantly sourve video shot using the billions of colors and either broadcast or mastered to disk using it.


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