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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

I am surprised Warner announced this prior to CES, but I guess the whole show thing doesn't matter much to the end result.
There's a very clear strategy in place with that timing. Notice how now HD DVD has canceled their press events at CES. The timing will allow many consumers to have a chance to see the outcome of this format war now, before the May-deadline when Warner's HD DVD contract expires. This will help protect consumers from continuing to invest (for months longer) in a format that is destined to become the "beta" of the HD media struggle. It also creates a great deal of momentum right before and during CES which will help propell high-definition media with trememdous force that it otherwise would not have had if the war kept lingering on, constricting HD sales for months longer.

If Blu-ray wins, I will still for now keep my Toshiba XA2, which is to date the best scaling SD DVD player I own, and I own many..... Several costing over $6K.
Amen. And the price that most folks paid for their A2 is well worth the cost of that very feature... not to mention that those HD DVD discs will look just as great years from now, even if the format ceases to be produced moving forward.
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