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The AudioSource amp is an inexpensive amp to drive the butt kicker that I have in the guest chair. Yes, the ATI is a beast 300 W per channel and a dedicated 120A circuit to feed it, it replaces the two 200WPC tube amps I was using. Listening to four ESS AMT3 Rock Monitors in the same room is stimulating to say the least. All speakers have been rebuilt with new drivers and membranes. The driver counts adds up to 2 - 15", 8 - 10", 6 - Mid-range and 5 - tweeters. At 0 db the gun battle form Open Range is goose bumpy real. Even though I have palyed in many times, I still have to look out the window and make sure the cops aren't coming.


Hmmm, that is pretty good. One of my favorite westerns is "Tombstone" Great cast, and a couple of good gun battles. The musical score is great. This should make your system sing.
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