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Default Re: Marantz to Debut New BD8002 Blu-ray Player at CES

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

The Integra DTC 9.8 was the pre/pro I was referring to in that post.

Yes, it truly does everything you could want a pre/pro to do (6:2 HDMI switching with BOTH outputs able to be controlled independently! Add in all the audio codecs and this thing is a steal. I saw it @ CEDIA last year and immediate;y grabbed Andrew Robinson to show it to him, in my mind this is still the biggest thing to hit the market in years! For the price of $1,600 you could buy it and throw it away in a few years (you of course wouldn't need to do that but you see my point..)).

Now, go find one! I know's managing editor Andrew Robinson has one that he found retail, but any local dealers I've called are on eternal hold for delivery.

It's a huge shame as even in my bedroom system the difference between uncompressed 5.1 PCM (my latest receiver is only HDMI 1.2) and DD or DTS is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not wait for the day when my Meridian 861 does these formats! I can't even begin to imagine how good it will sound through such a unit!
Kenny-t You are so right about the high end catching up.I sold a great Lexicon unit as they have not been Catching UP as of now.I have had Lexicon for 12 years and had been real happy with all their units.It was time to get with the NEW systems that use all the New sounds in 1080P and HDMI.I also just purchased a 6010FD Pioneer plasma with the Integra 9.8 and in Audio and Video heaven.I do not miss the Lexicon unit as the 9.8 is that good with video and audio.I will see in a few years if the big boys catch up!!!!
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