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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I too have heard that HSU and Outlaw are good bargains. Though I've not heard the JBL model mentioned, I've never been impressed with (more horrified with) JBL's performance with subs. Def Tech, M&K, REL (if you can afford it), are all good names (JL Audio seems to be making good inroads into the home audio arena).
I have had JBL speakers in my sound systems since 1974 and have always liked them. I like the studio series and the pro line of there speakers. I do agree that some are mediocre at best(venue,stadium and balboa to name a few off the top of my head) I still use the first 2 JBL's I bought 33 years ago. As far as subwoofer's go, I have never owned one and I am lost. It would mostly be used for NFL,NHL,Movies,blues and 60's and 70's Rock. Does Def Tech mean Definitive Technology?
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