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Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Better than the Rotel? That's something I'd have to experiment with. I have no problem believing the Onkyo and Yamaha don't sound as good. I've just never side by side compared a Denon with a Rotel. Denon with NAD, Arcam, and others sure and they never hold up.
It is true, I would not have believed it myself at first since I hold Rotel in High regard. My customer David Z. and his wife were both amazed when the Rotel was bested by a Denon in the sub 1K range. We had it connected to Krix Loudspeakers from Australia, I think the phoenix model, in the 1k plus range. On music and movies I seen he and his wife looking at each other in amazement. He finally opted for the 4808ci, but when the auddessy circuit when out we loaned him a 3808ci and he said that also sounded better than the Rotel receiver. So 3 out of 3 Denon's bested the Rotel in clarity and weight.

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