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Default How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Planet Earth HD-DVD - eBay (item 330200514604 end time Jan-04-08 18:56:13 PST)

Brand new HD-DVD version of Planet Earth. Realized my DVD player couldn't play it so and getting the other version instead of this one.
Planet Earth - The Complete Collection (2007, HD DVD) - eBay (item 180201661402 end time Jan-04-08 20:41:07 PST)

This is a Christmas gift that was opened and unsealed before realizing

it is a High Definition DVD and we are unable to use in our standard DVD player.

Brand new this set retails for $65!

HD DVD seems to have both benefited by the "DVD" association in its name, but also confused quite a few consumers. Most retailers won't accept returns on opened discs, which makes matters frustrating for consumers who make this mistake and also makes it difficult to track what percentage of HD DVD sales are actually mistaken purchases by DVD consumers.

To make matters even more confusing, Amazon lists a "won't play in your DVD player" warning with the Blu-ray Disc version of Planet Earth, but NOT for the HD DVD version! The irony is that the Blu-ray Disc name is less likely to confuse DVD consumers who aren't HD-media saavy, whereas they might see the "HD DVD" logo and assume that it's a DVD that will work on their new HDTV.

Naturally combo-disc sales are 100% legit since both DVD and HD DVD consumers can play/use the product, but I'm curious if anyone out there works in retail and can point to how widespread the problem of "mispurchases" is. If Blu-ray Discs are being purchases by unsuspecting DVD consumers, I'd like to know that too!
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