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Default Re: CES 2008 BD Predictions!

I just want SOMETHING to win.....

I will gladly throw out my players from EITHER format if one wins tomorrow, but i know that will never happen.

Both formats have a strong enough foothold that we are stuck with both for now, and likely for a while. Studios will vacillate between formats, and go to who pays the most (don't you with jobs?) but we, the consumer are the ones suffering.........

I would love to have never had this 'war' but my wishes matter for naught. I keep both formats in my main rig, and Blu-ray in my bedroom, but i doubt I need it there. If I want to watch something in HD, I go to my 1080p set (Sony 70" XBR2 RPTV) the bedroom set (Pannie plasma) is for TV and when I am ready to go night night....
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