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Default Re: Marantz to Debut New BD8002 Blu-ray Player at CES


The Integra DTC 9.8 was the pre/pro I was referring to in that post.

Yes, it truly does everything you could want a pre/pro to do (6:2 HDMI switching with BOTH outputs able to be controlled independently! Add in all the audio codecs and this thing is a steal. I saw it @ CEDIA last year and immediate;y grabbed Andrew Robinson to show it to him, in my mind this is still the biggest thing to hit the market in years! For the price of $1,600 you could buy it and throw it away in a few years (you of course wouldn't need to do that but you see my point..)).

Now, go find one! I know's managing editor Andrew Robinson has one that he found retail, but any local dealers I've called are on eternal hold for delivery.

It's a huge shame as even in my bedroom system the difference between uncompressed 5.1 PCM (my latest receiver is only HDMI 1.2) and DD or DTS is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not wait for the day when my Meridian 861 does these formats! I can't even begin to imagine how good it will sound through such a unit!
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