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Default Re: Chip-makerís Delays Cause Home Theater Industry Woes Late in 2007

Originally Posted by RichS View Post
One more thing, the HDMI physical connector itself sucks. Too easy for the plug to come loose or unseated. Couldn't they have at least used a little locking tab like the ethernet/phone connectors?
Hear Hear!

I've been saying this since day one! I wish they had kept something like DVI-D that allowed you to screw them down. FWIW you haven't lived until you break off the little circuit board that is inside the female end of an HDMI connector...... It's a truly religious experience knowing your attempt to connect your new device just ruined it! Fortunately I have only done it on a switcher that was under warranty (Gefen was kind enough to honor it too!) but it really put a damper on my fun that day, not to mention the emergency trip to BB for a temporary fix to the problem........

I of course fear this EVERY TIME I have to connect these damn things now, so I guess I am an HDMIaphobe!
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