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Default Re: CES 2008 BD Predictions!

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
What you aren't understanding is that if there are two formats then there will be increased studio neutrality. By 2010 if there are two formats you will see studios releasing on both including Sony.

Right now it's ugly, but trust me the larger these markets get the more interest the other Studios will have.
I do not agree at all.
Joe 6 pack is who we need to start buying to get HDM in the mainstream & it will be too confusing if there are 2 formats.
The markets growth will be way too small & slow with 2 formats.
With all the HDTV's being sold now can you imagine where HDM would be right now if there was only 1 format?

IMO Unless Blu-Ray is gone & buried Sony will never release a movie on HD-DVD.
They are way too stubborn for that!
With Blu-Ray being required for PS3 games Blu-Ray will be around a long time.
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