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Default Re: Receiver advice-Yamaha or Onkyo

Originally Posted by thehifidoc View Post
I strongly suggest that you go with Denon. I have had the opportunity to compare the Denon directly with Onkyo, Yamaha, and Rotel. In all cases all listeners agreed that the Denon sounded better. The listeners in all cases included audiofiles, interested parties and less interested housewives. The decisions were unanimous in favor of Denon. In most cases The Denon cost less than half the price of the competitors. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a denon dealer so keep that in mind, but I also have the opportunity to sell all of these brands. I re-evaluate every year. I think the Denon offers the most bang for the buck. I like the 2808 series and up if you can afford it. Crutchfield is an option but your local dealer may offer you better service and installation. I always reccomend professional instalation by a CEDIA or HAA certified tech to get the best performance.

Better than the Rotel? That's something I'd have to experiment with. I have no problem believing the Onkyo and Yamaha don't sound as good. I've just never side by side compared a Denon with a Rotel. Denon with NAD, Arcam, and others sure and they never hold up.
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