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Default Re: Blu-ray disc skip

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Very odd, indeed. It happened twice to me last night. I too have tried again and now nothing. Me thinks it might be the player. I'll just have to monitor it. I played Casino Royal for a bit and nothing. Same with all my other Blu-ray favs. Threw in RE and went to the scene where it happened, right around the time that Milla meets the computer generated little girl, and it played it without incident. Don't know what to say other than must have been one of those things. Sorry for the goose chase. Thanks for trying it on your system Moose.

I've noticed it before (not every time) but last night's viewing was the worst. Just one of those things. I'll let you guys know if it pops up again. For now all seems to be well again.

How about that...Blu-ray, the format that fixes itself.
This is a player related fault and is having trouble with a memory bandwidth bottleneck. It's a problem that will come and go. If it continues to persist and get worse you're likely to see other worse problems in the future.
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