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Default Re: Chip-makerís Delays Cause Home Theater Industry Woes Late in 2007

FWIW, it can work...

In the last month, I have rebuilt my HT from the ground up (Merry Christmas!), and almost everything is connected HDMI and works perfectly...

TiVo HD Series 3 DVR (HDMI to receiver)
Oppo DV-980H DVD/SACD/DVD-A/CD player (HDMI to receiver)
Samsung BD-UP5000 BluRay/HD-DVD combo player (HDMI to receiver)
XBox 360 (HDMI to receiver)
Roku Soundbridge M2000 network music player (digital optical to receiver)
Receiver: Denon 4308CI (HDMI to display)
Display: Pioneer Kuro PDP-6010FD

This system ROCKS and works flawlessly. HDMI can/does work - at least in my case with gear all released in 2007 (I believe).

Don't waste your money on Monster Cable HDMI cables... I'm using all cables at like 1/10th the price and everything looks/sounds perfect.

There's always cable creep though... I had to add an 8-port network hub behind the HT as 5 (!) of the components have ethernet ports.

One more thing, the HDMI physical connector itself sucks. Too easy for the plug to come loose or unseated. Couldn't they have at least used a little locking tab like the ethernet/phone connectors?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!
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