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Default Re: CES 2008 BD Predictions!

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Then it will be like choosing between Cable and Satelite or any of the other things with two formats. Consumers will win. That is who wins.
I really can't understand your thinking at all!
How is having 2 incompatible formats good for the consumer?
Cable & satellite are not the same as Blu-Ray & hd-dvd!
I can get the same channels on either, if you could get HBO, ABC & CBS only on cable & Showtime, NBC & Fox only on satellite then you might be able to compare them to the HDM format war.
If you want to get all of your favorite movies you have to invest in 2 separate players or spend $800-$1000 for a dual format player.
Joe 6 pack will not invest in either format until there is a winner & the longer HDM stays a niche market the worse it will be.

There is no way the continuation of a format war is good for the consumer.

One of these formats must lose for HDM to take off in the mainstream & that will be good for the consumer.
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