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Default Re: Chip-makerís Delays Cause Home Theater Industry Woes Late in 2007

I am fairly well informed when it comes to AV equipment but I can not express the frustration I felt over the holidays as I tried to integrate and HD DVD and Blu-Ray player into my existing HD satellite and front projection system.

I purchased an HDMI switch that was not compatible with one or all of my components. This meant tearing my AV credenza apart so I could access the HDMI cable ports and manually connect everything directly to my projector. All the while, guests are watching in complete disbelief. Not something novices need to see in order to instill confidence in purchasing HD equipment.

I finally found an HDMI switch that works with all of my equipment but it sure was a bumpy ride.

I am not confident that a chipset is going to solve all the woes of HDCP, HDMI handshaking, and copy protection schemes. Fair use is suffering the same plight as our civil rights. They are constantly being attacked and are slowly being chipped away at so that very little of our true rights are left intact.
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