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Default Re: Marantz to Debut New BD8002 Blu-ray Player at CES

I find it funny that the entire High Def Disc market is fueled solely by LOW COST!

Even an upper end guy like me is wary to buy something in the $2K range for these formats yet..... I have been through several upgrades already, and suspect I will see several more before I stabilize, so even to me (yes Greg, even ME!) it seems somewhat out of range to drop $2K on a player I know I will likely have to dump a few months later for $500.

I guess I am showing my battle scars from the format 'war'. I am weary, tired and flat out over the battle.

Both formats offer great video, audio we only previously could have dreamed of (as long as you have a receiver as no pre/pro's do the decoding yet, well one but you can't get it!) they just need to make themselves convenient and work like SD DVD players and for God's sake let's stop the damn format war!
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