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Default Blu-ray disc skip

Maybe I'm crazy or am missing something but last night I was watching Resident Evil Extinction on Blu-ray and a little over an hour into the film the image paused then the film resumed similar to when watching a standard DVD that is over two hours in length. I thought because of the higher capacity of these next gen formats this sort of "delay" would be avoided. To further annoy me, because of all the copy protection and other miscellaneous BS that comes with the high def formats the image didn't just pause but went black, cycled through my projector's HDMI input menu before resuming. I ejected the disc (which I had purchased just less than two hours earlier) and there was not a mark on it. I chaptered ahead to the scene and sure enough it did it again. Am I missing something?

I don't want to sound biased but I have yet to run across an HD DVD that does this. I played another Blu-ray disc, Surfs Up, and encountered the same thing. It's bad enough the menus take FOREVER to load (seriously I made a sandwich while I was waiting for Resident Evil) but skipping too!? Please tell me I'm missing something here and that it's user error or something.
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