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Default Re: RUSH in surround sound

I've had Replay X3 for several months andf the Grace Under Pressure audio disc is a 2.0 only CD, nothing 5.1 about it. Don't know where you got that idea. Was happy for this as I'd made a cassette from the GUP laserdisc years ago.

The good news is that Alex Lifeson has embraced 5.1 fully for the concert mixes. Wxit Stage Left is CLASSIC material that's shot on relatively weak film elements so it's never going to look pristine. Alex wisely chose to spend the budget on making the sound as good as possible and that's the main draw.

I need to watch Grace and Show Of Hands soon.

NP: Dream Theatre - Systematic Chaos special edition in Dolby Digital 5.1 which is unable to consistently support the musical presentation. Rush disc had better be higher quality than this, but I doubt it. No DTS track here and it should've been DVD-A from the git-go. Maddening volume shifts... VERY distracting...
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