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Default Marantz to Debut New BD8002 Blu-ray Player at CES

Marantz America will demonstrate its ultimate-quality BD8002 Blu-ray Disc Player (SRP: $2,099.99) at CES 2008. The Marantz® BD8002 Blu-ray DVD player features the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset for the ultimate high-definition video resolution possible via HDMI 1.3 connection, as well as the finest possible audio performance, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The BD8002 will be showcased at the company's CES 2008 Open House at Mandalay Bay, and is scheduled for release in in the second quarter of 2008.

Unprecedented Video and Audio Performance
Marantz' new BD8002 Blu-ray Disc Player is designed to provide users with unprecedented levels of quality in both audio and video reproduction, plus exciting new interactive DVD playback features. It features an SD card reader for full interactivity, offering content providers a variety of options for adding enhanced content such as games, movie trailers and more.

Noted Kevin Zarow, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Marantz America, Inc: "With the launch of the BD8002 Blu-Ray player, Marantz is thrilled to be able to offer another high-performance option for those discriminating consumers in search of the enhanced enjoyment provided by HD content. Home entertainment enthusiasts in search of true cinema-like realism will find that the BD8002 is an ideal companion to any one of the Marantz’ highly acclaimed DLP projectors."

Thanks to it 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset, the BD8002 Blu-ray DVD player offers improved video performance with upconversion and IP scaling to 1080p. The pixel-by-pixel and Digital Noise Reduction feature afforded by this technology allows the player to remove image-degrading artifacts, resulting in absolutely clear, high-resolution images. Current Marantz customers who own one of Marantz’ highly acclaimed DLP projectors will be pleased to know that like the current DV9600, the BD8002 will also output 480i via HDMI. The player also offers High Resolution HD Audio with decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio and is capable of outputting both 7.1-channel analog signals and PCM audio via HDMI. Finally, in addition to its compatibility with both Blu-Ray and DVD discs, the BD8002 can also handle VCDs, SVCDs, MP3s, WMA and DivX video files, and display JPEG images – making it the ideal solution for high-quality enjoyment of today’s many audio and video formats.

Secondary Video and Audio Decoders
In keeping with the guidelines mandated by the Blu-ray Association for BD-ROM version 1 Profile 1.1 players, the Marantz BD8002 incorporates a secondary audio and video decoder that allows for simultaneous playback of a secondary audio and video track which may be used for interactive audio and commentary and for picture-in-picture capability (respectively). Additional information (subtitles, audio streams, camera angles, trailers, games, etc.) can be downloaded from the Internet via computer and stored on a SD card that either player will accept. This content can be played with the original content of Blu-ray Discs. is offline   Reply With Quote