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Default Re: Coolest Christmas present?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I got some peace and quiet. Plus a pair of new Bel Canto mono-amps.

I've been truly impressed with them (and some ML Summits through a NAD Master Series Pre-Pro). My wife got the idea from reading this place and Andrew's suggestion of them somewhere around here.

So I owe a big thanks to Andrew on it.

I'm really happy with them. They're really small too.
Congratulations on the Bel Cantos. I know you are enjoying them. They are sweet sounding amplifiers. And yes, the size is great. I believe because of that, Bel Canto can gain a foothold on installs that require high power output, but space is a premium. The only other product I can think of, that was small like that, was Carver`s old 205 watt per channel cube amplifier. Which pales in comparison to the bel`s 1000 watts.

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