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Originally Posted by MoosePond View Post
I "retired" my Integra receiver a few months ago and upgraded to a Sherwood/Newcastle R-871. Must admit that I didn't do a lot of due diligence as I got it from a rep friend at his "sample" price but I'm very pleased with this unit. Easy to setup, great sound, much better-than-average backlit remote and tons of connection possibilities (way more than I really need as I only use it for audio, video goes directly to my Sony SXRD via HDMI).
That is actually an amazing unit. Etronics the company that owns Sherwood builds just about every Receiver currently on the market for their respective companies. It means that their personal line is filled with "sweet deals," and the fact that you paid likely around $500 at a sample price only makes it that much more of a steal.

I'd put that unit up against units that cost twice as much as its MSRP for sound quality. Onkyo, Integra, Denon, Yamaha, etc. Their $2k units are about as good as yours sonically.

I hope you enjoy it. Great find! The 871 was just replaced by the 872 which is imho the best HDMI 1.3 w/ future codecs receiver on the market for sound quality.
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